It's all happening at the Patch!

Wow I cannot believe I haven't written since September last year!!! Probably gives an indication of how CRAZY these last few months have been! I started planting in the beginning of December and now in mid February we are just beginning to harvest here at the Patch. Sometimes it seems like time is crawling by with my vegetables and then sometimes I absolutlely cannot keep up!


I've gone from this...

To this – an absolute sea of pumpkins!

A lot of people I talk to don't know what goes into producing veggies and always ask what my secret is. Really there's no secret, it's just a lot of work! But I tell you what, even though my days are full of weeding, watering, fertilising, trellising, soil prep, mowing, ordering, picking, packing, weeding again, accounts work, facebooking and instagramming, planning, scheduling, more paperwork, and more paperwork again, and I fall into bed absolutely out for the count every night, I hand on heart would not want to be doing anything else! It's my little Patch and I'm so proud of it!